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Grooming Tips and Services

Keeping your pet clean and healthy can sometimes be a challenging task, especially for outdoor animals. Riverfront Animal Hospital provides grooming services to give you a hand.
Professionally Trained Groomers – Our groomers know all the breed-specific haircuts for show animals, or can just give your pet a nice summer cut.
Dogs and Cats – Our groomers take care of dogs and cats, and the animals are kept separate to avoid anxiety problems or behavior issues.
Bathing – We gently wash your pets with skin-appropriate shampoos to clean them without causing irritation. If your animal has special conditions, please let us know when you call.
Flea Dip – Animals may have a flea infestation and require a good flea dip to eradicate the adults and their eggs. We provide flea dip services under the direction of our vet.
Skin Diseases – Medical baths are utilized to combat skin irritations and diseases. These are performed under the supervision of our vet.
Nails, Ears, Glands – Our groomers take care of clipping toenails, cleaning out the ears, and expressing the anal glands.
Our groomers prefer that you make an appointment for your pet. Animals are dropped off in the morning and picked up in the afternoon. Call us for your pet’s grooming appointment today!