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The Benefits of Pet Dental Care

You need to brush and floss your teeth, and the same principle applies to your furry friends as well. Your dog or cat needs clean teeth and gums in order to take advantage of some great benefits. 

Cleaner Breath

Has your dog ever gotten right in your face and you were greeted by foul-smelling breath? Make those instances a thing of the past by brushing your dog’s teeth from time to time. That way when it wants to get up close and personal, you will not mind it. 

Better Overall Health

Poor dental habits can cause pets to lose their teeth. However, it can also result in other health problems. In particular, bad oral health seems to be linked to heart health. By preventing other health issues, you will also be saving money in health costs in the long run. 

Eliminate Pain in Your Pet

A variety of health complications can arise in pets. Sometimes their baby teeth will not fall all the way out. Other times, periodontal disease will develop. Your dog or cat cannot tell you that it is having problems, so you need to see a veterinarian regularly. 
With proper pet oral health care, your furry companion can enjoy a bright, healthy smile. If it has been awhile since your pet had a checkup, call Riverfront Animal Hospital at 517-487-3646.