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Three Reasons to Take Your Pet in for a Checkup

Dogs and cats do a great job of staying upbeat until they’re dealing with a real ailment. While the positivity is nice, it makes it hard on pet owners to treat health problems in a preventative manner. Annual checkups at the vet are the only way to stay ahead of the bigger health issues. Here are three specific reasons why you should be scheduling yearly wellness visits for your animals.

1. Parasite check

There are a number of parasites that affect cats and dogs, and many are very common:

  • Roundworms
  • Hookworms
  • Tapeworms

Pets with worms often times won’t display symptoms, so the issue just gets worse. When a vet is able to detect this problem, they can go about curing it right away.

2. Organ Issues

Organ failure is a problem that can sneak up on your pet, but the signs are visible to a trained professional who can get your dog or cat on the right meds.

3. Allergies

What might appear to be a flea issue could actually be related to food allergies. Annual checkups can help your vet monitor your pet’s reactions to what it’s eating.

You want the best for your beloved animals, and part of that is giving them proper medical care. To learn more about pet wellness, call Riverfront Animal Hospital at 517-487-3646.