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Five Early Warning Signs That Your Cat is Sick

Unlike people, cats aren't able to communicate how they are feeling. While some types of injury and illness can be recognized quickly, even severe medical conditions can go unnoticed. This is especially true of internal issues with cysts, tumors and digestive track disorders. Here are five warning signs of potentially serious illness.
  1. Altered Appetite: while cats do not always follow a strict feeding schedule, a sudden change in appetite (overeating or under eating) is usually a sign that something is wrong.

  2. Weight Gain or Loss: if your pet is suddenly gaining or losing excessive weight, there could be a range of underlying issues. For instance, cancers and thyroid disease are sometimes the cause of weight loss.

  3. Change in Behavior: cats who are feeling ill often become especially withdrawn. Owners should be concerned when a usually social animal begins to isolate itself habitually.

  4. Bad Breath: if you notice that your kitty's breath is particularly foul, he or she may have a decaying tooth or gum disease. Certain internal disorders, such as kidney disease, can also cause changes in breath odor.

  5. Neglecting the Litter Box: while many owners tend to chalk this up to a behavioral issue, eliminating in unusual areas could be an indicator of urinary blockage or bladder infection.
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