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Quality Veterinary Care in Lansing

Preventive medicine is an often overlooked aspect of maintaining your pet’s health. Trips to the vet should not be reserved for a health problem. Routine pet care can prevent health problems from developing. Scheduling an annual pet checkup can go a long way in maintaining your animal’s health and well-being. Riverfront Animal Hospital offers pet exams in Lansing for your puppy, kitten or other small animal.

Consider Microchipping Your Cats & Dogs

Wellness and Preventative Care

For most pet parents, the thought of losing their cat or dog is on par with some of the worst scenarios imaginable. It’s something that happens every day, though, and most pet owners are unaware that there is a way to prevent it. Microchipping is a safe way to always know where your pet is. The process involves placing a microchip the size of a rice grain under the skin. Upon completing registration, your pet and your corresponding contact information are entered into a national database. If your pet is lost, the microchip can be scanned to reveal your information, and you can be reunited.

Heartworm & Parasite Prevention

Heartworm and parasite prevention is an important health issue for dogs. Worms are a common and dangerous condition, and if your dog is infected, you should schedule deworming immediately. Worms may live in the intestines, heart or lungs, but the good news is that a vet can provide treatment and eradicate them.

Caring Vet Clinic

The best veterinary services in Lansing can be found at Riverfront Animal Hospital. Our staff strives to provide exceptional care for both you and your pet. If you need routine pet care or vaccinations, you can call 517-487-3646 to set up an appointment with us.