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Emergency Pet Care in Lansing

You don’t ever want to need the services of an emergency vet, but when cats and dogs need immediate treatment, Riverfront Animal Hospital offers professional veterinary care to pets, including kittens and puppies. We know how stressful an emergency situation can be, so we strive to alleviate your stress, provide effective treatment and restore your pet’s health. Few other veterinary clinics in Lansing rival our commitment to outstanding care and service, and that commitment doesn’t waver in your pet’s time of need.

Urgent/Emergency Care

Quality Treatment for Cats & Dogs

If your pet is in need of critical care, our clinic staffs an emergency veterinarian who can offer treatment in your pet’s most immediate crises. Our emergency animal hospital focuses on treating pets with a specific strategy:

  • Stabilize condition: Pets in need of immediate veterinary attention may be in rapidly declining health, so we first take measures to stabilize their vitals, such as breathing and heartbeat.
  • Determine problem: If the ailment is not immediately apparent, we will perform diagnostics to determine a diagnosis.
  • Provide treatment: We will assess and discuss with you which options are best suited to the situation, and we will treat your pet’s diagnosed ailment.

This strategy guides our care efforts and can help you better understand our approach to critical and emergency treatments. We aim to see every pet live a happy and healthy life after an emergency, and our veterinary treatments work toward that goal.

When You Need It Most

Riverfront Animal Hospital offers comprehensive emergency pet care for critical situations. If you need an emergency vet or pet surgery, you can trust our team of veterinary professionals to provide the best treatment. For more information on services available in Lansing, reach out to us at 517-487-3646.